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Installation on the Tablet or Phone

Installation of the ArrowPoint App requires the installation of the Android Studio tools, we would suggest version 3.1.4 or above. Place the tablet or phone that you wish to install the application on to in to development mode by following the Development Mode instructions on the android web site. Connect a USB cable from the PC where you are running Android Studio to the tablet or phone and then run the application on the tablet from the Development Studio. Once the application has been installed it will appear as an arrow icon and can be run without the PC attached via the cable.

Running the Solution

The tablet will look to get CAN Bus information from a WiFi Connection point. TeamArrow has used this solution in the past by running three Wifi Access points, one in the solar car and one in the chase and lead car, allowing the tablet to connect to whichever one has the strongest signal. Because the solar car is typically made out of carbon fibre, which does a great job of blocking Wifi signals, we would suggest taking care where you install the Wifi access points to maximise the stability of the connection in the vehicle.