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50µH Solarcar Inductors Construction Guide

This document describes how to build a set of 50µH 100Arms (peak) inductors suitable for use with a Prohelion WaveSculptor motor controller and a CSIRO/Marands motor.

The inductors are constructed on a toroid (doughnut) shaped magnetic core, winding wire through the core in several layers. The inductance is set by the magnetic permeability of the core, and the number of turns wound on it.
The wire size itself is set by how much can physically be fit through the centre of the toroid, more is better. Litz wire (having individually insulated wire strands) is required, to avoid eddy current losses that would occur with normal wire.

The complete inductor is coated in transformer varnish to lock everything together and prevent abrasion caused by vibration.

Note that no mechanical support is provided for the inductor or connections with the procedure as outlined in this document. You may wish to explore options such as moulding thermally conductive epoxy around the inductors and the connections to provide some means of restraint.