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Accessing The Controller


Opening the cover on the WaveSculptor will expose the connections for the CAN bus and motor sense, and high power terminals for battery and motor phase connections. High voltages may be present inside this cover. Before opening, make sure that the battery contactors are dis-engaged, so that high voltage is not present at the motor controller. Allow 10 minutes for the internal capacitors to discharge before working on the controller.

Inspection Cover

The inspection cover is held closed against a sealing gasket with stainless steel M3 countersunk hex head screws. Use a 2mm allen (hex) key to loosen and remove all twelve screws.

Lift off the inspection cover and set it aside. Use a multimeter to check across the battery connection terminals for high voltage. If more than a few volts are present, wait additional time for the capacitors to discharge to a safe level.

Be extremely careful to not drop loose fasteners into the motor controller, as they may move around while driving and short out the battery or motor phase connections.

When finished working inside the WaveSculptor, replace the inspection cover and insert and tighten all 12 screws in an even pattern. It is mandatory to use a small amount of Loctite 243 or similar threadlocking compound to seal the threads of the screws against moisture. Failure to apply locking compound will reduce the environmental rating of the controller.


The main enclosure is bonded in place and not removable by the end user. Doing so will void the controller warranty.