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The WaveSculptor controller is mounted into position using three rubber mounted M6 shoulder bolts. All dimensions in this section are with the controller mounted in position on a horizontal surface. For full details regarding positioning and fixing of the WaveSculptor, please refer to the User Manual document available on the Prohelion website.

Supply Units Notes:
WaveSculptor enclosure length: 500 mm Note 1
WaveSculptor enclosure width: 172 mm Note 1
WaveSculptor enclosure height: 82 mm Note 1
WaveSculptor mass: 8.5 kg Note 2
Conduit size for DC and motor cables: 40 mm Note 3
Conduit size for CAN bus cables: 25 mm Note 3
Tubing size (ID) for coolant connections: 10 mm Note 4
HV electrical terminal thread: M8 Note 5
HV electrical fastening torque maximum: 12 Nm Note 5


  1. Dimensions do not include attached cabling and connectors. 

  2. Weight includes conduit adapters, nuts and washers for high current terminal connections, and coolant completely filling the waterblock. 

  3. DC (battery) and AC (motor) cabling should be contained in orange flexible conduit. CAN bus cabling should be contained in white flexible conduit. PVC adapters (supplied with the controller) are threaded into the front panel of the motor controller, and the conduit should be glued into these adapters using standard plumbing type solvent cement to fully waterproof the cable entry points. 

  4. The WaveSculptor is supplied with swivelling nozzles sized for watercooling tubing with a 10mm ID and 13mm OD. Refer to the User's Manual for recommended components. 

  5. The WaveSculptor has permanently fitted threaded studs in the connection busbars. The correct fastening hardware to use with these busbars is detailed in the User Manual