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WaveSculptor 22

  • WaveSculptor22 User Manual

    User Manual for the Prohelion WaveSculptor22

    Getting started

  • WaveSculptor22 Datasheet

    Datasheet for the Prohelion WaveSculptor22


  • WaveSculptor22 Mechanical Drawing

    Mechanical Drawing for the Prohelion WaveSculptor22


  • WaveSculptor22 STEP file

    CAD drawing for the Prohelion WaveSculptor22


WaveSculptor 200

  • WaveSculptor200 User Manual

    User Manual for the Prohelion WaveSculptor200

    Getting started

  • WaveSculptor200 Datasheet

    Datasheet for the Prohelion WaveSculptor200


Motor Interfaces and Inductor Coils

  • Motor Sense Interface Hardware

    Adapters for different types of motors


  • Motor Sense Comms Spec

    Communications Spec for the Motor Sense Modules


  • Inductor Coil Construction Guide

    Instructions on how to build quality Inductor Coils suitable for a WaveSculptor

    Construction Guide

Supporting Software

  • WaveSculptor Config Software

    User Manual for the software application to configuring and manage the Prohelion WaveSculptor22

    Config Software

  • Profinity

    Our WaveSculptor22 and CAN Bus management software solution

    Management Software