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Bridge Configuration

The bus number and CAN bitrate used by a bridge are user settable. To set a parameter on a specific bridge, open a TCP connection and transmit a single packet with

  • the S bit set in the flags bitfield,
  • the length field set to 3 when setting bitrate, 8 when setting bus number,
  • the upper two bits of the data field set to 10b,
  • the remaining bits of the upper data byte set to 0x05 when setting the bitrate, or 0x0E when setting the bus number, and
  • the following data bytes set to the desired parameter value, stored as an unsigned integer. When setting the bus number, the full 7-byte bus identifier must be sent, consisting of either:
    • Protocol v1: the 52 bit protocol version with 4 bit bus number, or
    • Protocol v2: the 40 bit protocol version with 16 bit bus number

as shown in Figure 2, see CAN-UDP Bridging. When setting the bitrate, the new rate in kbps should be sent as a two byte integer.