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Mechanical and Environmental

The WaveSculptor controller is mounted into position using tapped holes in the cooling surface on the base of the controller. All dimensions in this section are with the controller mounted in position on a horizontal surface. For full details regarding positioning and fixing of the WaveSculptor, please refer to the User Manual document.

The WaveSculptor controller is splashproof and presents no exposed HV connections able to be touched with a finger or tool. It is not environmentally sealed against major water and dust ingress.

Supply Units Notes:
WaveSculptor enclosure length (incl fasteners): 255 mm Note 1
WaveSculptor enclosure width (incl strain relief): 165 mm Note 1
WaveSculptor enclosure height: 35 mm Note 1
WaveSculptor mass: 855 g Note 2
Power cable diameter maximum: 9 mm Note 3
HV electrical terminal thread: M6 Note 4
HV electrical fastening torque maximum: 6 Nm Note 4

Environmental Rating: IP42


  1. Dimensions do not include attached cabling and connectors. 

  2. Weight includes cable strain relief, and nuts and washers for high current terminal connections. 

  3. Cable larger than this size may physically fit into the controller, but fitting the bolt crimp lugs over the fasteners in the motor controller may be difficult. 

  4. The WaveSculptor has permanently fitted threaded studs in the connection area of the main circuit board. The correct fastening hardware to use with these studs is detailed in the User Manual