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If you are planning to contribute to the development of this tool, please see our Contribution File on GitHub.

As mentioned above, compilation and development requires Android Studio.

Known Issues

Not all Android hardware is able to receive UDP packets and typically this capability is only available in mid tier to high tier Android tablets and Phone. TeamArrow have been racing with this solution for a number of years and we have typically found that Samsung products provide the most reliability in this space. It is worth checking that your tablet or phone can handle UDP broadcast traffic before attempting to use this application.

This applications receives 100's of CAN Bus packets per second and as such puts significant strain on the battery, also the screen runs all the time. We have typically found that we need a tablet per sector when running an event like World Solar Challenge. TeamArrow carries multiple tablets in the fleet and always has a few on charge at any time.

Issues or Suggestions

If you have any issues with the code or discover bugs then we would encourage you to log them on the issues page here or have a go at fixing them and then send us a pull request with details of what you have done.