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Tritium initially created the WaveSculptor Motor Inverter, used by racing teams around the world. With 99.2% cruising efficiency the WaveSculptor family is a go to choice for most high efficiency electric vehicle racing teams. In 2021 Prohelion took over the design, manufacturing and support for this product.

Profinity provides integrated management of the WaveSculptor products and you can access the WaveSculptor dashboard by adding a WaveSculptor to your Profile.

From there right mouse client to access the WaveSculptor Dashboard or to access the CAN Bus Messages and Signals.

Prohelion WaveSculptor

Prohelion WaveSculptor

Prohelion is currently migrating all of the Tritium WaveSculptor supporting software in to Profinity, in this release the configuration of the WaveSculptor tools is still handed by the Tritium software and we expect to migrate all of that functionality to Profinity over time.

Updating the WaveSculptor Configuration

To update the configuration of your WaveSculptor, right mouse click on the WaveSculptor in the Profinity menu and select Setup and Configuration. This will load the WaveSculptor setup and configuration utilities.

Tritium / Prohelion Adapter

The WaveSculptor configuration tools were developed by Tritium and rely on a CAN to Ethernet Bridge being present in the configuration. If you do not have such a bridge, you can create a virtual one using the Virtual CAN Adapter in conjunction with another bridge.

Flashing the WaveSculptor Firmware

To flash the WaveSculptor firmware, right mouse click on the Update Firmware menu item on the WaveSculptor. As per the configuration tools a CAN to Ethernet bridge or a Virtual CAN Adapter is required for this operation.