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Prohelion's Battery and CAN Bus management solution

Commercially Supported Products

Documentation on our Prohelion tools for Professional Battery Management and CAN Bus power users.

Battery Management System (BMU)

Prohelions world class battery management system, used for racing, automotive and fixed location solutions


Modern software for managing Prohelion Batteries and other CAN Bus based solutions.

Open Source Products

Prohelion provided a number of Open Source products to support our racing heritage and electric vehicle teams from around the world, called ArrowPoint

ArrowPoint Tablet

Android Tablet application for monitoring batteries and solar arrays built using Prohelion technologies.

ArrowPoint Telemetry

A data capture and fleet management solution for solar electric and electric vehicle racing car teams

ArrowPoint CAN Bus Tools

Before Profinity (download above) we used the ArrowPoint CAN Bus tools, this release is provided open source to help you learn how to develop CAN Bus solutions