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Telemetry Viewing Software

The Prohelion Battery Management System should be monitored using Prohelion Profinity.

BMS Viewing Software

BMS Viewing Software

The top section shows data from the BMU, while the lower section shows CMU data - one row per CMU

BMU Data

The top row of BMU data presents the following information (left to right):

  • Minimum voltage cell in the pack, and its voltage. The example shows Node (CMU) 8, Cell 6 is minimum, at 3293mV
  • Maximum voltage cell in the pack, and its voltage. The example shows Node (CMU) 12, Cell 4 is maximum, at 3316mV
  • Minimum temperature cell in the pack, and it's temperature
  • Maximum temperature cell in the pack, and it's temperature
  • Total pack voltage
  • Total pack current
  • Balance threshold voltage
  • Balance threshold minimum voltage (balance voltage – hysteresis)
  • CMU count in system

The next row shows Precharge status information on the left:

  • Current state (Idle, Precharge, Run, etc)
  • Contactor 12V supply voltage presence (mV on v4 or older BMUs)

The bottom row in the BMU section shows the various status flags:

  • CMU Power supply OK
  • Any cell OverVoltage
  • Any cell UnderVoltage
  • Any cell OverTemperature
  • Any cell untrusted
  • CMU and vehicle timeout errors

The right-hand side shows

  • Fan speed for both fans
  • SoC and Balance SoC in Ah
  • SoC and Balance SoC in %

CMU Data

The lower section of the program shows telemetry data from the CMUs, one row per CMU. The information shown is:

  • CMU Serial number
  • CMU circuit board (PCB) temperature
  • CMU external (cell) temperature
  • 1–8 cell voltage measurements

The data is highlighted in various ways to quickly understand the system status

  • CMU serial number alternates between a white and light blue background each time a packet is received from that CMU
  • Trust errors for a cell voltage have a yellow background
  • Cells outside the min and max voltage limits have a red background
  • Cells currently balancing have a blue background
  • The minimum and maximum cells have bold text
  • Cells not present (where the CMU has been programmed to monitor less than 8 cells) have no text, and a mid-gray background