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Guide to Successful Crimping

Molex MicroFit 3.0

A dedicated MicroFit hand tool such as Molex part number 63819-0000 is the correct tool for the job. This tool is available from Digikey, part WM9022-ND. This tool provides far superior results compared to the generic crimp tool and will result in the most reliable and safe installation.

At the bare minimum, use a quality hand crimp tool such as Molex part number 0638111000, available at a reasonable price from Digikey, part WM9999-ND. The tool must be shaped to fold the crimp ears around and down through the centre of the wire conductor bundle – crimping with pliers or an 'automotive' barrel type crimp tool will not give a satisfactory result.

Refer to the Molex Quality Crimping Handbook

Note the pictures in the “Troubleshooting” section for the visual differences between a good and a bad crimp.